Surfrider Spirit Sessions Mentors Rock!

We use surfing as a metaphor for life and build on the experience of surfing to get kids stoked on life and making healthier choices. Volunteer Surf Mentors are key to the success of the program!

Our mentors come from all walks of life: they are architects, attorneys, doctors, yoga instructors, teachers, construction workers, film makers, writers, musicians, designers, you name it.  Bound together by their passion for surfing and their love of our community, they are the heart of Surfrider Spirit Sessions.  We are stoked to have them!

Teens Need You

The majority of Spirit Sessions youth suffered challenges and trauma, and have already had to make tough decisions in their lives to survive. They haven’t always made the best choices, nor have they always used the wisest coping mechanisms. They struggle with depression, bullying, loss, abuse and neglect, anger and anxiety, and often lack joy and a healthy outlet. Many are frequently isolated and lonely, and long for adult support, guidance, positive attention and feedback. Your role as a mentor is to be their friend and coach and help fill the void. You can help them make some healthier choices in their lives that will let them succeed at school, at home and in their communities.

Mentoring Requirements

As a mentor you'll work one-on one with youth, but you’ll also be in a group setting with other mentors and their mentees.  We will be there to support and guide you as you need, and we will provide the guided activities and equipment for everyone at each session. All you need to do is show up and be yourself!

Male and Female Mentor Requirements

  • Must be at least an intermediate level surfer, comfortable in the water, and confident enough to offer basic surf instruction and guidance

  • Embody and demonstrate healthy life choices, especially regarding substance use

  • Minimum of 21 years old

  • Dedicated, reliable, caring, patient

  • Willingness to mentor outside the program is a plus but not required

  • Commit to session time frame of 4 hours on Saturday for 8 consecutive weeks  

Note: All mentor applicants will be background-checked.
Mentors must be in good standing and clear of any criminal activity and warrants.

Time Commitment:

We meet for 8 consecutive Saturdays, boys and girls alternate morning and afternoon. Your shift will be 4-4.5 hours either in the morning or afternoon. Session dates this year are as follows:

  • Spring Session: March 9 to April 27

  • Summer Session: June 8 to July 27

  • Fall Session: Sept. 7 to Oct. 26

All Sessions are at Kuhio Beach (Canoes), Waikiki.

Mentor Orientation:

You will also ask you to attend a 2-hour mentor orientation to get acquainted with our staff, policies and procedures, safety protocol and the learn more about working with youth from our seasoned mentors who have lots of experience.

All it takes is sharing your love of the ocean.

Sharing your love of the ocean and the joy of surfing, your perspectives and your care, concern and compassion make a difference. Studies show that when kids enjoy a regular, positive activity with an adult mentor, those kids are significantly less likely to use drugs, skip school, participate in high-risk behaviors or commit crimes. These youth are also more likely to improve their academic performance, have better decision-making skills, more self-confidence, and a sense of belonging.

It’s Easy.

Being a surf mentor is easy and much of what you teach kids will come naturally. During sessions, mentors act as “Surf Buddies,” coaching kids in the water, cheering them on, and offering assistance. Spirit Sessions staff members and instructors conduct surf lessons and are also in the water offering support. Mentors help youth journal their experiences and offer their perspectives and life-skills wisdom in talk circles. Mentors are invited to share their manaʻo (knowledge) and often take the lead in pre-surf yoga and lesson planning.

Sign Up!

Download Mentor Application

Join our Surf ʻOhana and get kids stoked on life!

If you are interested and can commit to any of our upcoming sessions’ dates, please download the application and send it to our Program Manager, Sam Rodrigues at For questions or more information call 593-1718.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please feel free to forward this page link or the application to them.

Each and every kid that comes to SSS has a heart of gold. These kids deserve a positive experience. While hearing their stories I recalled running into many of the same obstacles they had in earlier years, and I think I turned out alright. Generally, it takes a long time to let your guard down and fully enjoy someone. The exception is SSS, where some twenty mentors and twenty mentees are unleashed with longboards into the heart of the Waikiki surf swarm. It’s like meeting for coffee in the middle of a dangerous intersection. The bonding is instantaneous, and the life lessons provided by surf and the ocean are endless. I must mention here that the operation is meticulously planned, organized, and executed with tremendous results of safety. Most importantly, something great happens to these kids.