We get many requests from kids, parents, nonprofit organizations, schools and businesses to provide custom sessions. We offer special custom-made Spirit Sessions programs which are available for a fee.

All proceeds go to support our core mentoring programs for at-risk youth, and we guarantee that participants will catch a wave and ride their very first day!


Custom Spirit Sessions

Youth from charter schools, private schools, and other youth programs have all benefited from the impact of unique and customized Spirit Sessions programs. We modify our core program to suit your group’s needs and objectives. Customized programs can inspire joy and self-expression, strengthen relationships, tighten group connections, and stimulate environmental and cultural awareness. Your group will have a unique and meaningful experience, and best of all, they’ll have great FUN!

Some youth groups that have contracted us include:

  • Kapiolani Children’s Protection Center

  • Waldorf School, Olympia

  • Iolani School’s Summer Program

  • Liliuokalani Trust

Spirit Sessions for Business Teams

Spirit Sessions are available for groups and businesses to enhance their teams through:

  • Team Building and Corporate Culture

  • Stress Management

  • Leadership Skills

  • Personal Growth

  • Special Board Meetings

Get your business team psyched up! Push the envelope, exceed your expectations, pull together and ride the waves of success.  Experience is not required, in fact, beginners have the most to gain!

“We include a spirit session as part of our annual team meetings. It helps our Asian, mainland, and local sales representatives develop a deeper understanding of Hawaiian values, and provides an interesting basis for building a strong organization. The canoe paddling and catching waves showed us how we could work together more efficiently. Best of all, it was a lot of fun and provided a great bonding experience for our team.”
~ June Matsumoto

Director of Marketing & Business Development
Hawaii Convention Center

To inquire about how you can create a customized a Spirit Session for your organization or business, call (808) 593-1718 or email connie@surferspirit.org